Wilson Investment Consultants, LLC is an Estate and Financial Planning firm formed to provide investment management, tax management and education to the people throughout the Southwest.

“If you manage the risk first, the gains will take care of themselves.”

Wilson Investment creates financial plans customized with each client’s needs in mind.

We practice with the belief that an educated investor is a successful investor.

Jim’s investment practice is closely aligned with the academic research and successful management principles of the University of Chicago and the Wharton School of Finance.

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Wilson Investment Consultants specializes in Comprehensive Private Wealth Management, which includes:

Wealth Accumulation

Continue to grow your money to preserve your purchasing power and your standard of living.

Principal Preservation

Protect your assets from devastating and irreversible mistakes and losses.

Assured Income Stream

Cash flow is the King of retirement. Without an assured strong income stream your retirement will be compromised. Wilson Investment Consultants makes sure you don’t outlive your money.

Minimize Taxes

Proper estate planning allows you receive wealth and pass on your wealth during your lifetime and at death in the most tax advantaged way.
As the experts say, the score at halftime doesn’t matter, only the score at the end of the game counts! Do not give 50% of your hard-earned money to the IRS if you don’t have to.

Maximize Social Security

Increase your Social Security income. Know when to take your Social Security; which spouse should delay their benefits and which should start first. Make the most out of what you’ve put in. Don’t leave your hard-earned dollars on the government’s table. With over 2,500 government social security rules, everybody can make a costly mistake. Call us today and we will help you “Maximize your Social Security Income”